Our Mission

Our Belief – Running with Time, exploring the future

Scrutinizing today's technological advances, SMEs endure risks of elimination by the corporate globalization and monopolization as survival chances have become increasingly narrow. With this in mind, in order to stabilize in the market one must ride with the progressing changes, reach out to the global market, as well as turning adversities into opportunities. This is our basic philosophy.

Our Core Value - All equal before the law

In the past, many people believe that wealthy figures and large commercial firms are always placed above the law.

On the contrary, we provide our legal services on the basis of equality before the law. SMEs are always needed to be legally assisted in striving against the elimination by the large firms. Thus, Cheng & Wong is committed to implement equality before the law by protecting SMEs’ best of interest and enhancing their competitiveness. This is our core value.


We exert our team spirit, motivation and valuable services to meet your satisfaction and success.

Your success is our success!