‘Going out’ to pursue Opportunity

Implementing China’s ‘going out’ strategy, Enterprises go abroad had become the trend. In fact, with China’s economic development process, domestic competition is intensified. Firms have to expand its reach to foreign countries in order to continue strong growth. Going global is a great ‘Opportunity’. However, notwithstanding this opportunity, the road of globalization is rocky. Firms would encounter different risks throughout the globalization process (before and after ‘going out’).

Why ‘Going out’?

    ›  to build up international brand
    ›  to acquire overseas brand
    ›  to build up international image for future expansion
    ›  keen domestic competition and market saturation
    ›  to access huge overseas markets like Europe, USA , India etc.
    ›  to override trade barriers
    ›  to acquire overseas resources
    ›  to acquire overseas talent or technology
    ›  for outbound investment

Allured by such great opportunities, going aboard becomes inevitable.